Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Paul Geary wrote:

Dear Keith,

I do not want to end up with the shit end of the stick. You are treating me like a worker or another supplier. Should I be expected to pay out of my pocket for the Mor Mor project and then have to chase you to get paid? Then be told that I do not have a contract and take you to Court in Gdansk = like you appear to tell everyone else.

You have had the funds to spend on MorMor, you do not spend it on MorMor.

So how far should I expose myself? I want the money to ensure that I am not working for free = so far I have and to get back what I have paid out to the workers who have worked on the project. You have been paid for working on MorMor, but expect me to wait and hope that you have not blown the funds on Burtons Debt and new Laminate Boat projects. I told you that I have bills to pay in Nottingham = Divorce Lawyer and other costs. So why should I spend my time and my cash on a project that will not pay me back? When you were in USA, I went everyday and organised your workers. I was told that the heating did not work on MorMor and your guys had broken the filter. Julita could not buy parts = 100 USD. So I organised the parts, paid my guys in cash to come and fix the heater. Then my Plumber woked for 3 days to move the radiators and get the heating working again. So forgive me but I do not see why I should wait to get my money back, when last week Gordon Paid Burtons again. Three days latter you are saying that you do not have funds again to pay for MorMor costs.

Cheers Paul

Keith Burton wrote:

Dear Paul,

Gordon just called me and asked what's going on? Your have a right to feel concerned about costs, accounting, trace-ability, accountability and responsibility. I am happy to pay you the correct market prices, but I must also do things according to Polish Business law and general laws. What am I to do if Malcolm tells me the spray foam used belongs to Narrow Craft and no one has paid Narrow Craft for it, Burtons can then be prosecuted for buying stolen goods! Please see things from both sides. So take a little time to consider what went wrong with Amber Boats and try to avoid the same situation with Malcolm. I am not trying to steal from you or get you to work on this project cheaply, likewise I do not wish Malcolm to have some grievance against us, claiming we used his resources without payment or for a low price. Should I contact Malcolm to get his approval for use of his materials? Think on before you start throwing stones, Gordon told me he is not interested in our dispute, remember Gordon is mark! As soon as we get what we can from him and the game is up we will all move on. Why are you so desperate for this money in England next week?

regards, Keith

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