Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tynningo is a 100 foot yacht Gordon Engle bought in Sweden. She was sent to Poland in November 2007. That's when the fun started with Keith and Paul. After I, Gordon, wired them $70,000 USD (see for value received scan in PICS signed by Keith) - they proceeded to use my cash for their own projects.One of my green diesel generators is still in Malbork Poland at Narrow Boats. It is worth $40,000!Also a piece of artwork by Peter Lik that is numbered and worth $20,000 - it is probably hanging in Keith's house.Both the generator and art pictures are on this site.

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keithburtonpaulgearyscam said...

Good afternoon,
I am writing with a potential news story. Last year I worked for a man called Keith Lawrence Geary. I was employed as an engineer to develop a UAV (Drone) for the purpose of agricultural surveying. The equipment was built to a high standard and performed as expected, however I was never paid for the work I did. I obtained a court order against Mr. Geary to pay me £7000, the money was never paid and he was in breach of the court order. I have contacted an enforcement agency to recover the funds but they were unsucessful.

I later discovered that Keith Geary is a serial fraudster and has scammed people previously, along with his brother Paul Geary. They ran a boat enterprise in Poland and took hundreds of thousands of euros from customers and contractors. I also found out that Keith Geary was previously called Keith Burton.


I noticed a previous story on your website which I think is relevant http://www.nottinghampost.com/Mystery-owns-river-mooring/story-20226078-detail/story.html

A search on companies house shows that Keith has held directorships to numerous limited companies all of which have large liabilites.

I will be happy to share details of the case with you. I write with the hope that the story will be covered and warn others to avoid a similar ocurence.

Please do not hestiate to contact me, phone or email. I work in the week, but I'll try to answer any calls.


Leo Hogg.