Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FROM : Eckart Streb [info@bluekat.de]

Good afternoon,
what a pity that your mail did not reach me one year ago or that I had no possibility to warn you!
I lost about 50.000 € to Keith when he did not do the work we paid him for on a 42 foot catamaran. He did not fulfil
20% of the work in contract and wanted another 10.000 € for what his workers did so far, which was done badly nevertheless.
I told him that I will move my ship to another production place which resulted that I was thrown out of the production place.
He extorted 5k from us to get our property back which we had to pay as we couldn’t wait a 2 year court in Poland against a bankrupt company and Keith for sure would have thrown a bomb into the catamaran or it would have been stolen or sth else which Julita promised me. He seriously damaged our moulds before we could take them also away. Really nice people they are!
I from my side can also only warn everybody not to deal with this guy and his lovely wife.
After this and other similar experience in Poland we decided to move our production back to Germany.
If I can provide you any help against Keith it would be a pleasure to do so.
If you want to post this letter on the website feel free to do so. Hopefully this will help
Regards from Germany
Eckart Streb

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