Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FROM : Ray Johnson [info@worldwatertaxis.com]

Hi Gordon

I am amazed these guys are still alive
Remember the ride on the yellow water taxi in Poland ?

Keith has extracted money and my moulds for the water taxi and another mould of mine that he was supposed to builds boats for he has had over £20k in deposits and not built the boat that was ordered for my client
To make matters worse I found out he was trying to sell the moulds to my client behind my back as well as coming over to USA to try to sell the idea to Rowes Warf in Boston USA whom I had been dealing with for well over a year
Another £15k in lawyers fees and I am no where near as Keith has come back to U.K and the last I heard he is trying to set up a marina in Daventry backed by Royal Bank of Scotland
Since getting mixed up with the lowlife more has come out of the woodwork before the terrible twins went to Poland more deception and double dealing went on with a company here in U.K called Amber Boats ( Tom Smith ) who is again another one to fall foul of them

Best Regards

Hi Gordon

I have been on to Tom as well so now know all there was going on before
I have had to set up a build facility here in U.k after what went on in Poland with that arsehole
Now have a Polish guy working here who live in Malborg “That’s where the river boats are being made by Keith’s Brother Paul and I was told by him that Paul is a lot worse than Keith
I real terms Keith has shafted me and my company to the tune of around £175k not to mention lost sales and lost time
After finding out that Keith is trying to set up a marina in U.K he is leaving himself wide open to U.K law now (if that works )
Certainly he can be tracked down and possibly worth getting someone to see him !!!


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